We are a Family and we live in the Motor Valley, this is our strenght!


Moreno Cavallotti


Antonella Cavallotti


Samanta Cavallotti Ferrari

Administrative officer

We are happy to welcome you through the most beautiful, tastiest, powerful, melodious areas of our region.

You will be guided through the art and history of Modena and Bologna , with the Ferrari and Lamborghini myth, Verdi and Pavarotti music halo, tasting Balsamic Vinegar and the local dishes which have transformed it into the homeland of Italian taste.

We will show you the most legendary car manufacturing companies in the world, we will reveal the secrets of unique food masterpieces and delicacies. We will stand by you to personalize your vacation as much as possible, in order to create not just a trip, but your trip, the one of your dreams. A journey that will contemplate the realization of all your dreams.