Visit to Basilica St. Stefano in Bologna

Basilica St. Stefano Tour in Bologna

Visit to Basilica St. Stefano in Bologna

If you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Bologna and Italy, then we recommend a Guided visit to Basilica of Santo Stefano in Bologna.

Cavallottitravel will accompany you in the center of the homonymous square where you can admire this beautiful  Basilica encompasses seven different religious edifices, a real temple of different centuries inspired by the Holy Sepulchre of Gerusalem.

Visit to Basilica of St. Stefano in Bologna is a fascinating  journey that consolidates the deepest roots of the spirituality.

The Church has an octagonal plan with the splendid central Tomb of San Petronio.

Inside, you’ll experience a fascinating time travel: the Longobardic crypt, the Romanesque Church, the medieval courtyard, studded with peculiarities and memorable visions, such as the most ancient nativity scene in the world and the appealing alabaster windows.

A real spiritual charge of energy!  <<Home

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