Visit to Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena – Italy

Enzo Ferrari Museum Tour in Modena – Italy

Visit to Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena – Italy

Cavallottitravel will offer you a guided visit to  Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena to tell you  the story and future of Ferrari cars passion.

On one side the historical workshop-house where Enzo Ferrari was born, learned to handle motors while working with his father. On the other side, the exhibition gallery,  a futuristic structure in the shape of a yellow racing car bonnet.

This intense colour, the one chosen for the first Ferrari cars and for the Prancing Horse logo background. Inside,  the cars are the stars  and they can be admired in all of their splendor and their extraordinary strength, on specifically built turnstiles that leave nothing hidden for the public.

The Enzo Ferrari Museum Tour in Modena tells the legendary story of  Enzo Ferrari, alias The Drake, the founder and creator of the Prancing Horse logo.

In order to increase  this extremely emotional experience , the museum has created an actual Time Machine which will  retrace all the significant  milestones in Enzo Ferrari’s life, while narrating the neverending rise of Formula 1 in the world.


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