Visit to Maserati – Panini Museum in Modena

Maserati – Panini Museum Tour in Modena

Visit to Maserati – Panini Museum in Modena

Cavallottitravel with the Guided Visit to Maserati – Umberto Panini Collection Museum, will offer one of the most complete and peculiar collections of Maserati cars in the world: 19 exemplars in perfect conditions will lead you into the history of the car company, conceived by Maserati brothers and born in Bologna in 1914 and then moved to Modena in 1937.

The Guided Visit to Maserati – Panini Museum presents:

from Maserati 250F Fangio, the A6 GCS 50 years, from the beautiful Eldorado, the Gran Turismo race. Listing all of them is nearly impossible.

The Maserati – Panini Museum Tour  in Modena, presents a valuable collection that includes about 40 priceless vintage cars.

The Museum has two floors plus the ground floor. Besides the Historical collection of Maserati, it also has car models from other manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Lancia, De Dion-Bouton ..

Upstairs you can admire prototypes, motorcycles and bicycles, very rare pieces that take us back in time.   The passion and love of Umberto Panini for engines and its Modena, created the Museum-collection Maserati.

Located in the countryside, in the midst of greenery scenarios , and it greets us with a sign at the entrance, utterly emblematic , representing the Great Panini Man , citing the following phrase: “Do good deeds, then forget having done them”.  <<Home

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