Visit to the Abbey in Nonantola – Modena

Guided Tour Abbey – Nonantola (Modena)

Visit to the Abbey in Nonantola – Modena.

If you want to cultivate your spirituality and love art, then Cavallottitravel can recommend a Visit to Abbey in Nonantola.

It’s a Benedictine Abbey of the XII century, an extraordinary example of Romanesque art.

The most fascinating part is the crypt with a beautiful maze of sixty-four columns and the relics of saints, martyrs and popes.

Visit to the Abbey in Nonantola – Modena is sacred and suggestive atmosphere.

The Benedictine and Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art contains works of art and medieval faith starting from the IX century: Byzantine artifacts, medieval codex, the Evangeliario of Countess Matilde of Canossa, the Cantatorium, a precious music codex containing Gregorian chants.

The Nonantola Abbey   boasts the Scriptorium, uncriptorium, a major training centers of Scripture and has one of the most important treasures of the cathedrals of Italy.

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